You know that ringing noise you hear in your ears after going to listen to loud music or other noisy sounds? That’s tinnitus. For most it’s temporary, for some it needs management for relief.

Tinnitus is actually very common

  • 30 per cent of the population experience tinnitus at some point, while 15 per cent report constant tinnitus symptoms
  • Every persons symptoms are different, some experience ringing all the time for others it comes and goes

Managing Tinnitus

Currently there is no known cure for tinnitus, however it can be managed with some lifestyle changes and with the help of technology

1. Avoid Silence
Simon and Garfunkel may have sung an ode to the sounds of silence, but tinnitus sufferers are best to avoid silence, keeping the brain busy with sounds is a great way to manage the buzzing and clicking.. NB: you could always listen to the song the sounds of silence from their 1966 studio album.

2. Avoid Stress
Sometimes easier said than done but stressing about tinnitus can actually feed the tinnitus, try meditation, yoga or massage.

3. Limit Caffeine
Temporarily the buzz from a cappuccino can make Tinnitus worse, try holding off on the second or third coffee to see if it helps.

4. Try technology
There are a range of devices such as Neuromonics which can help relieve Tinnitus

Where is the best place to start?

Take a hearing test .. through Auditorey you can access complimentary hearing tests which will identify if you have any hearing loss or underlying conditions that might be causing tinnitus.


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