About Auditorey

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Auditorey’s mission is to help you find the best hearing solution for you, simply and at the best price, or put simply… “Better Hearing Made Simple”

We act as your personal guide, leading you to hearing improvement solutions. Let experts point you to the perfect hearing solution – one that fits your lifestyle and budget.


We help to provide affordable, accessible & sustainable solutions to correct your hearing loss. Our success is measured by helping you to hear better, faster and more simply.

How Auditorey works

We’re proud of the service we provide to the thousands of people who seek better hearing each year. We believe it is important for us to be completely transparent about how we operate and how we make money, so here’s everything you need to know.

Buy with confidence

We partner with the best

Before we commit to adding a hearing clinic partner to our panel, we go through a rigorous vetting process. This process is especially important because we work with many up-and-coming brands you might not have heard of before. We do the legwork for you to make sure they are legit. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

Our service costs you nothing

You pay nothing for our service and it comes with no obligation to make a purchase from a hearing clinic.

How we make money

While our service costs you nothing, we know there is no such thing as a free lunch. We’re a business and that means we need to make money – after all, we’ve got more than staff to pay!

Instead of charging you a fee, we are paid a ‘referral fee’ by the hearing clinic that we refer you to, whether you make a purchase or not.

The referral fee we are paid by the clinic is an economical way for them to attract new customers, and in many cases costs less than their own advertising or sales activity.

How our service works

Personal needs analysis: Share a few details in our questionnaire to help our team understand your hearing requirements.

We match you with a hearing clinic in your area: We filter your options based on your hearing requirements.

Visit the clinic for your hearing test: Once we have matched you with a hearing clinic, they’ll be in touch to organize your hearing test visit.